About Tianyuan Empire

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Established in 2015, Tianyuan Empire Materials & Technology Limited (“Tianyuan Empire”) is a global leader in graphene manufacturing and the development of its applications. Core products include N-type (high purity) graphene, functional (ion-embedded) graphene, and liquid metals, as well as related applications products. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we are also active in research and development, processing, consulting, and technology transfer.  Tianyuan Empire is headquartered in Hong Kong and operates a number of subsidiaries including the Institute of Tianyuan Empire Graphene New Materials Ltd, Shenzhen Tianyuan Empire Materials Technology Co. Ltd, and Guangdong Menlo Tianyuan New Materials Ltd.

Our Advantages

Since 2013, we are focusing on the R&D of graphene production technology and related application products. Through the continuous efforts and innovation of our professional R&D team in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe, we have made a major breakthrough in the cutting-edge research. By adopting the world’s pioneering “Polyphasic Quantum Self-Coupled Reaction ” (PQSR) and combined with the world’s top technology in liquid metal of our company, we succeed in achieving mass production of high purity graphene with low cost, pollution free, no emission and high efficiency.

Tianyuan Empire has also made significant achievements in the downstream applications of graphene, including electronic heat spreading, wave filtering, health care and new energy battery (Anode Graphene, Cathode Graphene). The company has honorably registered more than 20 national patents. Among these patents, the successful development of Anode Grapheneand, Cathode Graphene has broken the bottleneck of today’s technology R&D in the world. It will lead to a disruptive revolution not only in the battery industry, but also in the daily life of human being.

Functional graphene is a constituent material based on graphene, and by embedding different ions, it forms different kinds of materials which carries special functions that has higher performance than the high purity graphene. The technology threshold of embedding ions into graphene is very high. In the past, it existed only in academic fields. Now Tianyuan Empire has got a successful breakthrough in the technology, and pushed forward the development of higher-end technology applications.

The associated company Juheng Group owns a large flaky graphite mine, which provides a stable and long-term source of high quality raw materials for Tianyuan Empire to develop its graphene business. Both parties can enjoy the huge benefit of synergistic effect.


Tianyuan Empire has registered 6 graphene-related patents as listed in the following:

1.          Graphene Electrically Conductive Glue

2.          Graphene Electrode Rod

3.          Graphene Thermal Conductive Film

4.          Graphene exfoliation by rapid thermal stress cycle – high temperature method

5.          Graphene exfoliation by rapid thermal stress cycle – stark temperature contrast method

6.          Graphene exfoliation by Polyphasic Quantum Self-Coupled Reaction (PQSR)

7.          Method of manufacturing Anode Graphene

8.          Method of manufacturing Cathode Graphene

9.          Balanced multiphase graphene structure battery

10.      Polypropylene Graphene Master-Batch

11.      To embed ions in Graphene with Seven-lattice crystalline structure

12.      To embed ions in Graphene with Three-lattice crystalline structure

13.      Method of manufacturing Copper-ion Graphene

14.      Method of manufacturing Iron-ion Graphene

15.      Method of manufacturing Platinum-ion Graphene

16.      Method of manufacturing Gold-ion Graphene

17.      Method of manufacturing Silver-ion Graphene

18.      To embed ions in Graphene by multiphase liquid method

19.      Method for Manufacturing Functional Silica Gel Graphene

20.      Surrounding-type Silica Gel Graphene Filter Choke and its making method

21.      Tai Chi-type Silica Gel Graphene Filter Choke and its making method

22.      Apolar-type Silica Gel Graphene Filter Choke and Its Making Method

23.      Wave absorbing Lead Tin ion Graphene production method

24.      Preparation method of new Graphene conductive ink

25.      Functional graphene Grease Material