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What is Graphene

Graphene is currently the thinnest and hardest material known in the world. It is so thin — 0.335 nm – that you have to stack up 200,000 pieces of graphene film to get the thickness of a hair. Not until 2004 that graphene was successfully separated from the graphite. The two physicists who got this breakthrough in the UK had won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

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Wide Range of Application

Wide Range of

Heat spreading Materials

Thermal Grease
Phase Change Materials

Energy Storage Devices

Graphene Battery
Solar Power

Optoelectronic Devices


Electronic Devices

Touch Screens

Medical Supplies

Healthcare Bracelet
Anti-aging Healthcare
Facial Mask

Composite Material

Copper Base Alloy
Aluminum Gold Alloy
Titanium Base Alloy

Application Products at A Glance

Graphene Patents Registered

Established in 2015, Tianyuan Empire Materials & Technology Limited (“Tianyuan Empire”) is a global leader in graphene manufacturing and the development of its applications. Core products include N-type (high purity) graphene, functional (ion-embedded) graphene, and liquid metals, as well as related applications products. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we are also active in research and development, processing, consulting, and technology transfer.  Tianyuan Empire is headquartered in Hong Kong and operates a number of subsidiaries including the Institute of Tianyuan Empire Graphene New Materials Ltd, Shenzhen Tianyuan Empire Materials Technology Co. Ltd, and Guangdong Menlo Tianyuan New Materials Ltd.

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